Presenting Consulting Recommendations: A Comprehensive Guide

Consulting reports are an essential part of the consulting process, providing clients with a comprehensive summary of the research background, methodology, and key findings. They also include recommended courses of action and are usually followed by a presentation to persuade the client of the validity of the recommendations. When writing a consulting report, it is important to include an introduction that summarizes the message of the report. This section should address the problem and explain the value that your consulting services can bring.

Summarize what the customer should expect and mention the goals and objectives without forgetting to thank the customer for considering your services. For example, the executive summary from McKinsey Global Institute includes key information that shows the goals and objectives of the report. After a decade working in the public health sector, Jacq Hackett created an individual consulting business in 2000 and has never looked back. Questions about what could have gone wrong will remain in the client's mind, one of which has to do with the consultant's work ethic or whether the consultant made the right recommendations for their business. For those still in school, a consulting report template can serve as a good reference point for writing professional and detailed consulting reports.

It is important to ensure that all relevant information is included in order to provide clients with an accurate overview of your findings and recommendations. When presenting consulting recommendations, it is important to be clear and concise. Explain why you believe your recommendations are best suited for the client's needs and provide evidence to back up your claims. Be sure to address any potential risks or challenges associated with implementing your recommendations. Finally, be sure to provide a timeline for implementation and explain how you will monitor progress.

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