Breaking into the Consulting Industry: A Guide for University Students

As a university student, your goal is to attend the hiring events organized by consulting firms, establish contacts, and make a connection with them. You want to get an internship and then be hired for a full-time job. It's important to know what the professional consulting and job search process is like. Consulting offers great salaries, rapid professional growth, and connections with talented people.

However, many job seekers overlook consulting jobs despite all the benefits associated with them. Consultants regularly receive new challenges to address, and their interviewers will want to see how you approach the problem-solving process. MBA programs are some of the best environments to find people willing to accelerate their careers. You might have much better luck getting into a smaller management consulting firm and then transitioning to MBB in 2 or 3 years if that's your ultimate goal. It's good to practice mental mathematics before looking for a consulting job.

In the next section, we'll give you some tips for establishing contacts until you get to a consulting interview. The final approach to landing a consulting position is to simply apply for a position through the company's online portal. Leading consulting firms receive hundreds of thousands of applications for a small number of positions, and their recruiters will scan their documents for just a few seconds. There are a wide variety of consulting firms that serve clients with a wide range of services, from strategy to implementation and outsourcing. Networking mainly involves getting in touch with people, such as family, friends and even acquaintances that you met at a workshop, consulting club, or professional fairs. Programs introduce potential consultants to the company, provide networking opportunities, and typically result in an invitation to a first-round interview for a full-time position.

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