What is a fair price for coaching?

Hour-based versus value-based pricing Many buses charge based on an hourly rate. There are different markets and different customers.

Focusing on what is the specific market range for my ideal customer and on the value I add for the quality service they expect sets the packages and prices of my training program.

Someone looking to change or accelerate their career is a different model from that of high-level executive coaching. We asked a panel of members of the Forbes Coaches Council to share their ideas and strategies for setting their prices.

The price variation is due to several factors, including the experience of the personal trainer, the location and the type of training. You can set a price that seems fairer to you depending on the industry you are in and that is more in line with what other coaches in your industry charge. Having them see how a coach would help them in their current state allowed them to see the value, not the price. Most senior coaches apparently don't set hourly prices, but any contract eventually comes down to the price of time spent training.

This is a term that I created, so you won't find it if you search for it on Google, but basically it's the price you should charge to replace your income with the income of your company. If you think that the value your clients get exceeds the price you're currently charging for your coaching packages, you can increase your price. Basically, this is a single price (which is paid in advance or in two parts, half as a deposit and the rest after three months) to complete the six-month training plan. Even now, when I think about raising my prices and how I imagine it, I appreciate having a framework for thinking about prices that takes away my emotions and gives me the necessary distance to make a logical decision that I can feel good about.

Logically, I know that the value I create for my clients can be significant and significant and, in essence, priceless. There are many ways to price your coaching services, and the ideal pricing model for you will depend on your market, your experience and your ideal customer.

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