How do you differentiate yourself as a consultant?

The first way to differentiate yourself is through your brand and design. Take the case of Helmi Talib & Co. By implementing Sage 300cloud, the company was able to update its accounts more quickly and accurately, which streamlined the submission of financial reports to its customers. Having an impressive customer list is an advantage for many companies.

But what if you go further? Some firms differ based on their client list. For example, if your company serves the higher education market and your customers are Harvard, Yale and Stanford, you have a differentiating element. After attending a marketing seminar on the enormous benefits of differentiating himself, Andrew gives himself 4 weeks to devise a strategy to differentiate his consulting firm, Di Angelo Braun Consulting. Differentiating a company that sells beer or household products is completely different from differentiating a consulting firm.

Differentiating your business effectively will put the power in your hands and help you market your business in a way that attracts potential customers. Methods 1-11 are not valuable forms of differentiation for consultants and consulting firms, for several reasons that the story explains.

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