What to ask during consulting coffee chats?

This year, due to concerns about COVID-19, many companies are organizing virtual coffee talks. We've heard that all of Bain's fall events will be virtual this year. Some consultants may ask you some questions during your coffee chat or phone call with them. Be prepared to talk about your background, work experiences, interests and career goals.

At the end of the coffee talk, be sure to ask the consultant for their business card or email address so that you can send them a thank you email. If you apply to consulting as a student, you should prioritize being introduced to consultants involved in the hiring process. You should also prepare an answer as to why you are interested in consulting and why you are interested in working in your particular consulting company. A coffee talk in consulting is an informal interview, usually to understand if you have the motivation and background for consulting.

The first informational interviews can provide a great insight into what a job as a management consultant is like and what skills are needed to get an offer at one of the major consulting firms. For example, if you want to work for a life science consultant, it's best to go to companies that specialize in this type of consulting. My consulting offer has helped almost 85% of the people we've worked with to get a job in management consulting. Consulting firms usually organize a large information session in which they bring 20 to 30 consultants to make a presentation.

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